Format:B are Franziskus and Jakob


Jakob is a Berliner, from Kreuzberg to beexact. As all good parents do, his wanted him to play an instrument. After yearsof successfully dodging music lessons and his parents wishes, he finally at thesubtle age of 15 decided that he desperately needed a bass guitar, which then through diligent practice manoeuvred him from hardcore bands to funk and jazzbands.


But suddenly, there was a small problem: he liked Techno parties muchbetter than rock concerts. So, as one does, he began buying the odd technomaxi here and there until one day little Jakob thought to himself: Why heck, Ican do that too! So off he went and bought himself an overpriced Atari St40 anda cheap synthesizer, only to realize that oops those guys from Detroit really doknow what theyre doing and that it wasnt that easy after all.


Well, that is basically where Jacobs ambitiously planned out life suddenly took a screeching ofthe wheels turn in

another direction. Franziskus is from Erfurt, a small and ruralpart of Germanys quite rough and wild East, which

didnt stop him from startingpiano lessons at the innocent age of 6. His musical interests took him from the usual suspects like Michael Jackson and The Pet Shop Boys through to Hardcore(obviously not on the piano).




























But then one day, or night to be exact similar to Jakob, all was to suddenly change. A fortuitous night out at the

legendary EWerk in 1993, made this young mans heartbeat skip from Chop in over to a 4/4beat where it was to remain, probably forever.


Three years later Franziskus tookup residency at the infamous Sub ground Lighthouse After hour, resulting innumerous further bookings. The paths of these two young men crossed whilstthey were both studying to be sound engineers. Seeing as all the other studentsin there year were long haired Metal heads it was only a matter of time until theirpaths crossed.


So, after spending a few long Berlin party nights together theydecided to see if they could start a project together. And so the story ends orbetter yet, begins with Format:B.After they were banging numerous hit-singles like "Vivian Wheeler", "Edding850" and many others, they decided to found there own label Formatik Records in August 2009.


In addition to that, they build up a new studio in BerlinPrenzlauer Berg to work on their second Album called “Restless”. Meanwhile theycatched up a lot of brilliant Techno artists like Sébastien Léger, Hugo and SuperFlu to work with. Super Flu were remixing the track “Gospel” - an outstandingClub hit, which finally brought Formatik Records to the ears of the world. As aconsequence of their great success, Jakob and Franziskus were “forced” to playlive on the whole planet. So they toured to Australia, Asia, USA and discoveredtheir biggest fan-base in South America. In Berlin they found the Watergate Clubas the best place to celebrate their own label nights.


The best proof of love is trust – that counts for the lovely partnership in life as well as for creative arts. Whether in your own talents or in the well-meaning fate: trust mostly paves the cheerful way to happiness.


The Berlin based electronic duo AKA AKA are the best example that trust in your own personal work does not only disburse, but is also spelled with elements of courage, faith and strength of purpose. When Saarland-born Hannes and Holger from East Frisia met each other at a Berlin open-air party in 2008, it wasn’t only the start of a refreshing friendship; they found the infamous wavelength in very short period of time.


With different socialization equipped, they both use their divergent past as well as the joint project AKA AKA

to give their common ambition a name. With Oliver Koletzki’s label Stil vor Talent they found their first home in 2009. With its catchy grooves and minimal aesthetics, their debut EP "Vögeln" did not only reflect the spirit of that time, but was supported by the likes of Richie Hawtin and Troy Pierce.




























The track „Woody Woodpecker“ with his didgeridoo intermezzo and deep bass was featured as the third best

track in the category minimal of 2010’s Beatport Music Awards. Spurred by the growing number of experiences

as a live act and slightly before releasing more material on Stil vor Talent, the two set up their own imprint Burlesque Musique in 2009.


Starting with the passion of freethinking and moving electronic sounds ranging from swing, Balkan-influenced house and funk, the current techno-driven orientation including pathetic melodies reflects AKA AKA’s bandwidth. The label is not only the way out of the release madness of the industry, but an inspiring stage for young talents and new faces.


Besides formidable EPs of Umami, Niconé and Budzillus, with their „Springtide EP“ AKA AKA & Thalstroem made their first appearance on Burlesque Musique in 2011. With its mid-tempo house drive and deep minimalism, the record represents their final catalyst. Especially in combination with Thalstroem and his "Electronic Wind Instrument" they put a final touch to their unusual, fresh and dreamy trademark sound, which provides live even more endorphin boosts.


Whether heard in Berlin clubs like Watergate, Ritter Butzke, Tresor, Magdalena as well as Arena Club or during their international gigs in Amsterdam, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Turin or Vienna – AKA AKA are kings of entertainment. Always open, always engaging, always fun. After several remixes for Oliver Schories, Turntablerocker and Thomas Schumacher, in May 2012 the trio introduced a veritable Who's Who of the scene for „Varieté Remixed“ in order to present new interpretations of tracks from their debut. Besides Tigerskin, Moonbootica and Lexy & K-Paul other big names like Dapayk, Marek Hemmann and Phonique rearranged standout tracks like "French toast", "What Matters" or "Afterglow".


Sometimes it only takes a single release to set an artist on a tumultuous path. Arado’s adventure begins as such with his debut release in autumn 2009.


From Desolat he takes the “Uganda Express” whose Wild-Pitch not only sent him straight on the playlists and charts of major issuing music DJs furthermore it turned out to be an one way ticket to an international DJ career. After a few stopovers on Area Remote, Allin and Dame Music he is headed for Moon Harbor and he shoots again for the stars with „Strange Neighbors“ .


The scene and press both agree on the fact that house made in Germany has never sounded so mondial like with Arado. This is verified by Arado’s following releases on Snatch Records, Avotre, Etruria and Italy’s on the rise label Moan Recordings and Remixes for Pascal FEOS, Martinez, Marco Faraone, Yaya, and Bunte Bummler.




























Constantly developing grooves and deepness grabbing ahold with artful placed elements of surprise is not only the character of his productions Arado also brings it to the decks. The charismatic DJ from the Rhineland demonstrates this as he tours the world side by side with the leading DJ elite.


Once infected with the Arado bug it’s nearly impossible ever to recover. With amazing shows at places where he is known the best are Extrema (BE), Thaibreak, WMC (Miami) and Sonar (Barcelona). At Open Airs such as Kiesgrube (Neuss), Woodstock69 (NL), Pollerwiesen (DE) and on the worlds best party island Ibiza where he plays at Space and Sankeys. You can also find him often at Café D’Anvers (NL), Tenax (IT) and in New York.


No matter where his journey may take him Arado will never lose sight of his home base the 102 Club in Neuss. His residency allows him on a regular basis back to his native party haven were Arado is well known for celebrating excessive sets way past the crack of dawn. Keep an eye on Arado as he will soon be coming to sound system near you!


Enduring ambitions have good prospects when they’re not compromised by vanity. With good reason, they say strength of purpose is the most important foundation to succeed in life. Although traditional virtues such as humility, patience, capability and faith in your own abilities might seem to lose their meaning in these modern times – for the producer duo Junge Junge these virtues built the foundation of their long journey to come.


Even fate played a minor part in the story of Rochus Grolle and Michael Noack as both DJs saw each other during several gigs and, because the chemistry was right, they joined forces, creating Jung Junge and transfered this spirit into the studio. The rest isn’t just history. Even through their childhoods, both guys were connected by the common passion for (electronic) music.


While Rochus took pleasure in compiling and playing music inspired by the record collection of his parents, Michael’s uncle’s love for reggae music roused his passion for grooves and rhythms. While one Junge got acquainted with the necessary harmonics and experimented with volume controls (and thereby laying the foundation for the art of DJing) the other Junge dove into the magic world of melodies, learning how to play acoustic instruments such as guitar and keyboard.


With their first track „Why“ – that came into being in cooperation with singer Alex Landon – they proved how to utilize their years of experience in an impressive way. With its light-footed and acoustic-driven atmosphere, the piece was published next to songs by Stimming and „Howling“ by Ry & Frank Wiedemann on „Schneeweiß II“ - the compilation on Oliver Koletzki’s imprint Stil vor Talent. Their second track „Beautiful Girl“, featuring singer Kyle Pearce, was the result of a spontaneous jam session during Helene Beach Festival in 2014.


It immediately enchanted visitors with its feel-good aura, and quickly became a kind of secret hymn of the festival. What already sounds like a fairy tale was met by reality a bit later: during his vacation on Ibiza, Rochus gave the track to one local DJ spinning at a beach bar. The track was not only played out immediately, but was heard by the A&R manager of Universal Music Sweden.


Right away he fell so deep in love with Junge Junge’s “Beautiful Girl” that he offered them a record deal the same day. Remixes are already in the pipeline by Blond:ish and Audiofly to be published on Berlin-based quality label Get Physical as their forthcoming debut album takes shape. With confidence in their own talents the duo prove you can take control of your own destiny.


What started as a common passion blossomed into a friendship living on blind faith and a positive philosophy about life in general – Junge Junge are soul brothers that infect listeners and party-goers alike with their unique vibe. The path of Junge Junge shows that happiness and willpower are not just synonyms, and even after all these years they never lost sight of their vision: music is love, freedom, passion and the universal language of the world.



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